Privacy Policy

We at ABC Used Appliances & Repair Service value our customers and their
privacy. We are creating this privacy policy to inform our much valued
customers of our information gathering and sharing practices and to assure
them of our intentions with said information.

When visiting this website you are entering an official online domain of
ABC Used Appliance & Repair Service. ABC Used Appliance & Repair Service
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and our offices can be contacted at the phone number (813)679-3714 or
the email address

Please understand that this privacy policy pertains to the practices of
ABC Used Appliances & Repair Service and the websites thereof, but not of any
of our affiliates, any other domain linking to us, or any domain reached when
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This website, like most modern websites, uses internet cookies to gather
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Personal and/or private information is not gathered by this website or its cookies
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ABC Used Apppliances & Repair Service reserves the right to amend, alter, add to, or
negate any or all parts of this privacy policy at a future date and without notice.
However, any change would be duly noted within the text of this privacy policy itself
before taking effect.