Stoves & Ovens Sales in Tampa, FL

Stoves & Ovens Sales in Tampa, FL

*Ovens in image are typical of the ever changing inventory at Tampa Used Appliances, but are meant to be viewed as only a sample of what is typical.*

Our gas and electric stoves are meticulously cleaned and serviced by our expert on-site technicians, and as for prices… well, the deals on our stoves and ovens are so hot that they can’t be touched!
We offer a wide range of cookers emblazoned with the brand names you desire in a major household appliance and nothing leaves our store without our automatic thirty (30) day warranty for parts and labor.

So check out some of our latest deals with the link below and then hurry down here to grab your deal before someone else beats you to it!

And yes, we DO deliver!

Daily Stove and Oven Sales